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Tribute to bo not mission - jinjiang people fight second documentary into the fair service

Date: 2019-11-24

In 2019 the second China's high-profile international import expo successfully concluded, jinjiang city, hotel management co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as the "jinjiang city, the company") is subjected to the test again.In jinjiang international group, under the unified deployment of jinjiang city company up and down together, day and night, with practical action to salute in Po, the successful completion of each reception tasks.As of November 11, 2019, the company's participation in reception of 13 hotels (including jinjiang city brand hotels, magnolia 2 hotels, jinjiang star brand 5 hotels), received the news media, including CCTV, including Beijing, xi 'an, yunnan, Inner Mongolia, such as the international 10 delegations, room 5895 room nights.During receiving the gifts of all kinds of guests, including CCTV, six pennants, commendatory letter 2 (unit), Chinese and foreign guests appreciate the message article N, the struggle for the new age has composed a song song of praise.Compared with the first into the expo, the fair pay more attention to the work carries out, pay more attention to guest experience, pay more attention to the brand characteristic.

On command, the service line, focusing on the theme grasp implementation.On November 2, 2019, jinjiang international group, deputy party secretary, jinjiang city, the company secretary of the party committee Liu Dongwei, came into the expo reception service outlets - jinjiang star product is still new hongqiao hotel Shanghai, research to guide the work.Liu Dongwei secretary heard the chief executive officer, deputy party secretary, jinjiang city, comrade ZanLin related preparation work report, and check with the guest room, restaurant and other service details.

Since late June this year, jinjiang city, the company fully open into the expo service reception preparations, deployed around the group, focus on safety, service theme, vigorously promotes the implement and carry out the inspection, inspection, patrol accumulated up to 941 times.Also specially organized during the five days of food and beverage service and food safety special training.Not only that, the reception of the hotel also invited the minhang district jiangchuan market supervise the government functional departments such as expert site supervision, to ensure that the work carries out fine fall in place.

Graph: jinjiang capital company, brand and other members of the working party on the line to check the preparatory work

Opening day on November 5, in order to cooperate with professional media team hen report time, reception hotel (south China pavilion hotel, jinjiang city, Shanghai jinjiang star product is still new hongqiao hotel Shanghai, etc.) will be breakfast time in advance to 4 o 'clock in the morning, jinjiang city, chief executive of comrade ZanLin synergy hotel management team and staff, from starts at 3 am busy...To ensure foolproof

Elaborate design, warm heart, whole-hearted service experience.For rendering into the atmosphere, the reception hotel has carried on the careful arrangement, designed into dedicated welcome letter, room card, poster and into bo cultural wall and special bags, etc.In order to further improve the experience of the guests at the same time, also specially arranged for important guests VIP reception service, also set up into the Po in the hotel lobby ambassador "service".Period, the hotel is not only flexible service time, also according to the characteristics of the reception team, to provide targeted services, such as for xinjiang international increase sheep beef soup, onion and so on special meals;Add features to Beijing international breakfast heaving wire rolls, etc.;For a cold sick guests special tea brown sugar and ginger, etc.;For the birthday of the guest in a timely manner to birthday wishes, etc.;On November 8th journalist day on the same day, the hotel also elaborate the celebration Party for media friends, etc.